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Partner with us to offer your clients the f​astest, most flexible
jumbo loan funding​ option

#1 Rated Mortgage Brokerage in Los Angeles

In This Ultra-Competitive Market, Speed Is King

Not only has Scott Griffin Financial (the #1 Rated Mortgage Brokerage in L.A.) closed more than $831 million in purchases and refinances for our satisfied clients...

We’re the only brokerage that can help your clients ​close on the purchase of their new home within just two weeks.

How? Through the patented 14-Day Jumbo Loan.

Close MORE Jumbo Buyers Faster With the
​14-Day Jumbo Loan

​Close within 14 days
​Close within 14 days

Help your clients compete with all-cash offers with a pre-underwritten loan

Loan amounts up to $3,000,000 with a 30-year term
Loan amounts up to $3,000,000 with a 30-year term​

Funded far faster than other brokerages can manage

​Simple interest loan
​​Simple interest loan

With the 14-Day Jumbo, your buyers could pay significantly lower interest over the life of the loan than with a traditional jumbo loan

Low Rates with fixed and ARM options
Low Rates with fixed and ARM options

The 14-Day Jumbo is a family of loan terms options intended to be designed to best suit your payment needs

​Self-employed? No problem.
​​Exclusive line of credit

The 14-Day Jumbo Loan includes a 30-year line of credit allowing buyers direct access to the principal they’ve paid

Reduced lender fees
​Reduced lender fees

Our solid lender relationships mean lower fees for your clients

Partner With Us to...

Partner With Us to...

Help buyers qualify using reserves

Is your client self-employed? No problem. ​With the 14-Day Jumbo Loan, they can use reserves to assist in qualifying (unlike other jumbo loan products, which immediately disqualify the self-employed)

Compete with all-cash offers

Compete with all-cash offers

Tired of writing offers that get rejected in favor of cash? Give your clients access to fast, flexible jumbo loan terms to get your offer in front of sellers sooner!

Get buyers to their successful closing FAST

Get buyers to their successful closing FAST

Clients will love you for helping them close on their dream home​ before someone else snatches it up

Write ​More Winning Offers​ — We’ll Show You How

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Why Choose
Scott Griffin Financial?

Maybe the 14-Day Jumbo Loan Program sounds too good to be true. But it’s real. ​Just look up US Patent 7,627,509 B2 if you want proof.

Scott Griffin Financial is the only Los Angeles Mortgage brokerage​ offering the 14-Day Jumbo Loan program to ambitious homebuyers and their savvy real estate agents.

Why Choose ​Scott Griffin Financial?
image description
image description

Meet a few of our happy clients, now living in
their gorgeous new homes:

Scott Griffin and company are the greatest out there. Scott has the best attitude as well as a level of professionalism that goes above and beyond. I have purchased and re-financed many properties and every part of the process was made to work seamlessly. I cannot say enough great things about Scott Griffin Financial. Richard Hajjar Richard Hajjar Business manager
Scott and his team are amazing. We got the best possible mortgage rate we could have qualified for, even after comparing against big name banks. He is there to guide you every step of the way with a giant smile. Alexis Rodriguez Alexis Rodriguez Business manager
I had a wonderful experience working with Scott Griffin Financial. A team that goes above and beyond when purchasing a home. My experience was filled with great communication, stellar professionalism, and beautiful customer service. Lydia Rosenbaum Lydia Rosenbaum Business manager
Recognized by Congress & the State of California for outstanding work in the real estate industry

Recognized by Congress & the State of California for outstanding work in the real estate industry

Scott Griffin brought his passion for residential real estate all the way to Congress. There, he addressed members of the House and Senate on housing reform — and was formally recognized for his contributions.

Exclusively Able to Offer This Patented Loan Program

Exclusively Able to Offer This Patented Loan Program

By combining financial tools that had only ever been used in commercial lending, and bringing them into the residential space, the 14-Day Jumbo Loan Program earned US Patent 7,627,509 B2! And now, through our lenders, Scott Griffin is making this jumbo loan available to you.

Top 1% Certified Brokerage in California

Top 1% Certified Brokerage in California

Work with the best broker in the business. Along with being named the 2016 California Association of Mortgage Professional Broker of the Year, Scott Griffin is one of a few selected brokers licensed to represent the All-in-One loan (after a rigorous approval process). Through his work with regulatory bodies and as a champion for homeowners’ rights, he’s literally helped shape the mortgage industry.

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